About / Office Sugiについて

For companies and organizations in Sweden which run business of exchange student programs with Japan, I can strengthen and differentiate your offer. I can provide further information of Japan to families and schools in Sweden who are considering sending children to Japan. I can talk to them to encourage and solve their individual concerns and support their decision. I can also help the families to make better communication with Japanese schools and host families while their children are studying in Japan.


For companies, universities or organizations in Sweden which run or plan joint research and development projects with Japan, I can help communication with Japanese partners. Also I can contribute as a project manager / coordinator in the project with good knowledge and long experience of cross-cultural and cross-functional joint projects between Sweden and Japan.


In addition to the above, I am eager to contribute to joint activity between Sweden and Japan if any. Since the Copenhagen neighborhood is close to Skåne geographically, I would like to cover the area gradually.